Technique Development has written scores of database applications for clients from a variety of industries. Can we create one for YOU?

We'd like you to know a little about ourselves and our database applications development services.

Database Implementation

For a consultant or developer to successfully implement a database application requires:

    Completely understanding the problem to be solved.
    Thoroughly planning the design before starting
    Choosing the right development tools
    Knowing how to get the most out of the development tools
    Maintaining good communication between the client and the consultant

Technique Development has a proven track record and years of experience. We are able to properly translate a client's requirements into the screens and reports he needs. This comes only with years of experience setting up systems for a variety of businesses.

Custom vs. Off-the-Shelf Software

Advantages of Off-the-Shelf Software

If you can find an off-the-shelf software package that will do at least 80-90% of what you want and you are willing to bend your business practices to fit the requirements of the package, then it may be the best solution for your business. It is usually more cost effective (roughly 10%-25% of the cost of custom software) and it usually has lots of well thought out features, culled from the input of several users. Also, it's easier to buy, because you don't have to be involved with the design and implementation.


For many businesses, however, off-the-shelf software is not appropriate. It is common for businesses to discover that their off-the-shelf package won't always provide the information and capabilities that they need to effectively run their business. It is often hard to locate the right package (or even any package) and you must wait months or years for the manufacturer to make updates that you need yesterday.

Advantages of Custom Software

An investment in custom software can be an investment in the future of your business. If you have a clear idea of what you need to be more productive, to generate more sales or to make your company more efficient, then custom software provides an avenue for realizing your goals. As you come up with new ideas or as your business changes, the software can be adapted to the new situation. As your business grows, your software can grow with it.

An Alternative

Some businesses choose an alternate route which can provide the best of both worlds -- off-the-shelf software with custom add-ons. Technique Development has written several such applications and this may be appropriate for your situation.

Selecting Development Tools

Development Tools are the foundation of the database products that we provide. Therefore, it is crucial for us as database consultants to select the right development environment. Like any company, our resources are limited, therefore we must carefully choose the best tools. We use the following criteria to determine which tools will do the best job:

    power of the language to quickly develop easy to use applications
    operating speed of the developed applications
    market presence of the tool (will the tool be around in the future, assuring future support for developed applications)
    runtime license policy of the manufacturer (no cost preferable)
    synergy with other selected tools

What follows is a list of development tools that we recommend and that we use for our database projects. We are highly skilled at using these tools on the following platforms:

Development Tools We Use

Windows is our most popular platform (Windows 98/Windows 95/Windows NT 4.0)

    Visual FoxPro 5.0, FoxPro 2.6, Access 97
    Microsoft SQL Server 6.5
    Visual Basic 5.0

    Microsoft Office 97, WordBasic, Excel Macros
    we know how to implement OLE, DDE, MAPI, Windows API and Help Files in our applications

Macintosh applications can also be developed

    FoxPro 2.6
    Microsoft Office 4.3, WordBasic, Excel Macros

DOS is supported

    FoxPro 2.6, Clipper 5.x

Cross Platform is no problem (Windows, Macintosh and DOS)

    FoxPro 2.6

MultiUser Environments are supported at no additional cost

    Windows/NT Server
    Novell Netware

Additional Expertise

We can link a database application to any other program, including

    Desktop Publishing -- for product catalogs, price lists, directories
    Accounting -- for reporting, special computations, analysis
    Word Processing -- for mail merge, boiler plate documents
    Spreadsheets -- for sophisticated what-if analysis of data
    Contact Managers -- for additional processing of or analysis of data

We also have experience with these specialized database applications:

    Internet -- for linking databases to the World Wide Web, so that users can query and modify the data remotely
    Modems -- for distributed databases that are updated via modem or other communications link
    CD-ROM -- for kiosk type applications, database centered multimedia applications
    Client/Server -- for linking database to
    Installation Programs -- for distributing applications to several end users
    Encryption -- for distributing data that can't easily be copied

If your application requires extensive graphics or design, we can provide an artist who can create a visually exciting look for the application's screens, buttons, reports or documents.

Our Rates

Our hourly rate is $90/hr. Our years of experience and extensive library of reusable code means that we are efficient and can finish the project in less time than other less experienced programmers, often at a lower cost than someone with a significantly lower rate.

While it is difficult to generalize -- every project has its own requirements -- we can give you a rough idea of what you should expect. Our projects typically range between $2,000 to $8,000 for a complete system, including training and follow-up support. Many of our projects come in at the lower end of this range. The total time to implement an application usually ranges from 2 weeks to 2 months, depending on the complexity of the project. If you are interested and want to get a better idea of the costs, just give us a call or send E-mail to Technique Development. The initial consultation is free and there is no obligation whatsoever.

Your Initial Meeting

If you are considering a database project, send E-mail to After our initial contact, we will arrange a complementary initial meeting at your office. At that time I will be able to learn about your plans and give you an idea of what is feasible, how much it will cost and the time frame for implementation. After listening carefully to your needs and concerns, we can together determine whether and in what way Technique Development can best be of service to you.

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