Technique Development is growing and expanding. We are looking for freelancers for the following functions:

If you are interested in any of these positions, please read the following (in addition to the appropriate job description):


We are looking for people who actively connect to the Internet, BBSs and/or other online services and are interested in making some extra money in their spare time.

Technique Development is supplier of a variety of Internet related services and products. You do not need any experience with any of the services marketed by Technique Development.

We will provide you with all of the information and materials that you need in order to market a variety of services and products. After you send us a lead that results in a sale, you will be paid a commission for your efforts, as much as 50% of the sale amount (commission amount and percentage depends on the service or product sold and the volume level of sales).

If you are interested, send E-mail describing:

a little about yourself
your Internet background

We will send you more detailed information about how our E-Marketing program works.

Graphics Artists

We are looking for a talented entry-level graphics designer.

Database Applications Developers

The candidate must have at least two years experience with one of the following development platforms:

    Visual Basic Database Programming
    SQL Server
    Oracle Server

Experience with any of the following technologies with relation to database application development is desirable:

    OLE and DDE
    Windows API
    Windows Help
    Novell Netware
    Integrating Microsoft Office Applications (Word, Excel)
    Integrating Desktop Publishing (Ventura Publisher, Pagemaker)
    Linking Internet Servers

We are looking for programmers primarily for the Windows 95 and Windows/NT Platforms

The candidate should be able to demonstrate a finished application that you have developed.

Web Server Technician

General Information

Candidates for all jobs must be self-motivated, have their own computer and appropriate software tools, have a modem, and live in the Los Angeles area.

NOTE: These are not full-time positions, nor at this time can we guarantee a fixed number of hours in any given period. As the company grows, we expect to increase the size of our full-time staff. We are looking for contractors, consultants, students, part-time workers or others who will be able to block out a specific amount of time to do projects as they come up.

We are looking for independent workers ... that is, those with no connection to a single provider of services that directly competes with Technique Development. As a contract employee of Technique Development, you will be able to work for as many other clients as you wish, as long as you have no direct financial interest in a competitor.

How to Apply

If you are interested in any of these openings, PLEASE DO NOT CALL ... send E-mail to Technique Development AND submit a resume by fax or snail mail (unless you can provide an E-mail resume as complete as a printed one) to:

    Technique Development
    17000 Ventura Boulevard, Suite 301
    Encino, CA 91316
    Phone: (818) 906-6250, Fax: (818) 906-6240

After we review the information you supply, you will be contacted in about one week. If we are interested, we will arrange an interview with you. After that, if we like you, you will be added to our list of approved contractors. When we receive a contract that requires your expertise and provided that you have adequate time to do the project, we will arrange a meeting to go over what is needed and to determine how much time it will take and how much you will get paid.

If you have questions about Technique Development or the positions, send e-mail.

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