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We provide a variety of services for business and organizations who want to publicize themselves or do business on the Internet. Before you make your move, be sure to read our Guide to a Successful Web Site. This guide provides useful advice and dozens of helpful tips to help you understand what you need to do in order to create a site that will be visited by thousands.

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Description of Services

Web site design you pay a one time fee to have us create your web site based on your specifications and requirements or to change pages on an existing site, whether the site is hosted on our server or not.

Web page hosting you pay a monthly fee to put your web pages on our web server, whether we designed your site or not.

Web server setup you pay a one time fee to have us configure your own computer as a web server. You are responsible for monthly service charges paid to the phone company and an Internet Access Provider.

Web to Database Link instead of users accessing pages with static information, they can access constantly updated information stored in databases. The data is easier to maintain and update and provides much more sophisticated querying capabilities.

@LA Site Listing if your site is located in the greater Los Angeles or Southern California area, you can get a free listing @LA, the most complete and easiest to use regional directory.

@LA Display Advertising you pay a monthly fee to get an enhanced listing in @LA for your web site.

@LA Banner Advertising you pay a monthly fee to put a clickable graphic image advertising your web site at the top of one of @LA's pages.

Internet Access you pay a monthly fee that allows you to connect to the Internet via modem. We DO NOT provide this service. See @LA's directory of Internet Access Providers if you are trying to locate one.

$249 Web Site Package

Technique Development provides individual services or this starter package: All for only $249

    Many providers charge this much just to host your site.
    For more information, please read about the individual services below.

Web Page Hosting

Technique Development can store (host) your web pages on our server.

With our budget plan, there's absolutely no cheaper way to get your company or organization on the Internet -- it comes out to less than 7 cents a day! At these prices, why delay? Great for anybody who wants to create their own pages themselves.

budget - $50 PER YEAR (not per month), no setup charges, prepaid, no refunds

We've checked dozens of other web space providers and can say confidently that we offer among the best rates for web page hosting that you'll be able to find. Some charge you the same price for a single page as we do for a whopping 5MB! If you don't believe us, please do your own research. We're so confident that we're the best deal in cyberspace, that we'll make the following offer!:

If you see any legitimate offer for comparible web hosting services from any U.S. based company, let us know and we'll match their price PLUS you'll get your second year for HALF PRICE!

With our web hosting, you'll get these great features:

  • We provide a fast reliable Ethernet 10Mbs (7x the speed of a T1) connection.
  • No charges for hits or bandwidth. It doesn't matter how popular your page is, there's never any extra charge!
  • Clickable Imagemap support.
  • E-mail reply form support.

Web Page Design

Technique Development can design your pages for you.

Let us create your web pages for you, even if you have web space on another provider's server. We have a staff of talented graphics artists who are ready to transform your ideas into exciting designs. We have three different plans, depending on your budget and your requirements.

Basic Web Site - $199

The most cost effective way to get a presence on the Internet, ideal for small businesses or to test the waters

Extra charges:
  • Web site hosting for your page is available separately for $50 a year.
  • there is a $25 surcharge for text provided non-electronically.
  • scanning - $15 additional charge per image, $25 if professional touch up is required. For logos, we recommend professional touch up for best results.
  • additional pages on a quotation basis.
  • $25 for each non-design related update to your pages (e.g. changing or adding text, adding pictures).

Professional Web Site - on quotation basis

The most effective way to communicate with potential customers, intended for large corporations or small businesses that

  • want a unique look created by a skilled graphic designer who will consult with you to determine your requirements.
  • want a unique hook or "gimmick" that will be used to attract thousands of users to your site.
  • would like forms to provide feedback or to create an order entry system.
  • need to provide more information that what can fit on a single page.
  • need advanced features, such as database linkage, transaction processing, forms processing, sound and video.
  • want to make an investment in a state of the art site.
Prices for the professional sites are as reasonable as our other prices.
  • Contact us and we're sure you'll be surprised. After an initial free consultation, you will receive a quotation which you can then review for approval.

Web to Database Links

When you have data that needs to be accessed in a variety of ways, such as directories or catalogs, or you want to provide sophisticated data entry features, including order entry

We can link your WWW pages to a database application - on quotation basis

  • We will design a database for you or tie into your existing data
  • We can provide users with searching, data updates or can implement processing of the data in any way imaginable
  • We can implement either WAIS-based searches or form based CGI-BIN programs
  • Currently, if you want to provide database access to your web users, you must set up your own dedicated web server
After an initial free consultation, you will receive a proposal which you can then review for approval.

Web Site Publicity

Technique Development can publicize your site.

Whether we designed your pages or not, we can make sure your site receives maximum exposure. Designing a good page is only half the battle. If nobody knows about your site, your efforts will be completely wasted. Don't make a mistake by investing a lot of money in creating your web site and not spending a little bit more to adequately publicize it.

  • We'll notify the eight (8) most important on-line directories of your site's existence - $25 (free if you have purchased our special package.
  • Or we'll notify two dozen (24) popular general interest directories of your site's existence - $50 ($25 if we host your pages)
  • In addition, we can help you locate and notify additional special interest or topical sites that relate directly to your product or service and may have an interest in providing a link to your site - contact us for a quotation. For example, if you sell bicycles, we will locate bike clubs, bike store directories, biking information sites and recreational information sites.

In all cases:


You can advertise your business or site on @LA

Although you can get a one line listing in the @LA directory, you might want to consider a more substantial presence by placing a banner ad at the top of one of @LA's pages. It's probably a lot less expensive than you might expect. If you think that you might be interested in advertising in @LA, click here to find out what you will get and how reasonable it costs.

Web Server Setup

Technique Development can help you set up your own server.

We specialize in Windows NT based servers. Although most of the servers on the Internet today run on UNIX based systems made by manufacturers such as Sun and Silicon Graphics, we believe that in the long term, the lower costs, high speeds and ease of use of PCs will dominate the market. If you already have a significant investment in Windows and/or Novell based equipment and you would like to set up your own server, give us a call.

  • We will configure your computer and properly install the server software - $500 (service charge only, does not include software and hardware).
  • We will work with an Internet Access Provider and your local phone company to help you connect your server to the Internet - $500 (service charge only, does not include software and hardware).
  • Support contracts are available. Call for more information.
  • Additional optional configuration or programming is available at an hourly rate. Call for more information.
  • We do not add a mark up to the prices of any services that we obtain on your behalf. If you hire as to configure or set up a server, we can sell you any specialized hardware or software that you need for our cost. We make our money by providing services, not selling equipment and software.
Contact us for more information about any of these services.

Ordering Information

If you want to sign up for one of our services ...

For yearly subscriptions or one time fees

Send a check or call us and provide your credit card information. We accept VISA, Mastercard and American Express. Prepaid yearly subscriptions are not refundable and cannot be prorated. For web page design, we require a 50% deposit with 50% due when the work is completed. For training and seminars, we require full payment on enrollment. For web server setup, programming projects and contract services, payment terms vary depending on the nature of project.

For monthly subscriptions (e.g. advertising)

You must authorize us to charge your credit card account on a monthly basis. Contact us and we will FAX or mail you the appropriate authorization forms. Your first month will be prorated to the end of the month. All subsequent billings will be processed at the first of the month. You may cancel at any time, in which case, the last month's charges will be prorated.


Technique Development is the sponsor of @LA, a successful and growing web site. We believe our efforts speak for themselves. If we can build a site like this, what kind of site will we be able to build for you?

We have the expertise to help you select a gimmick or special service that will draw thousands of users to your site. We also are skilled at researching the existence of similar sites to your own, so that you can see what the competition is doing. We also understand how to target your web page to the right audience.

Technique Development can take care of the chore of publicizing your site to the most important directory services as part of a package of services to get your business connected to the Web.

Technique Development uses only graphics artists who are skilled with the latest computer graphics tools in order to design the look of your pages. Many web development companies are run by programmers with little art or marketing background.

We believe that our most important skill is our ability to communicate effectively with our clients. We are able to listen to what our client wants and to explain what it is we will provide in a concise and user-friendly way. We never seek to hide technical knowledge from our clients. In fact, because of our years of experience in training we love to educate our clients, to help them make better informed decisions.

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